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DUI Attorney Julio J. Gutierrez, Esq., the premiere Traffic Ticket Attorney in Hialeah, has defended 1000s of cases involving traffic tickets, speeding tickets, and DUI for clients throughout Doral, Hialeah, and Miami Dade since 2000. He has one of the highest success rates in the state of Florida as a traffic ticket attorney hialeah, dui lawyer, and speeding ticket lawyer.

The Traffic Ticket Center (traffic lawyers in Hialeah) understands our clients need legal representation to successfully fight their traffic offenses. The consequences of getting moving violations can be quite severe, ranging from fines to drivers license suspensions and high auto insurance.rates. Watch the video below to learn more about why you need to avoid points on your driver’s license.

How Traffic Violations Result in “Points” against your Driver’s License

Every state is different, but most of them (not all) have some sort of system for assigning points against your driver’s license for hialeah speeding tickets, reckless driving and all other kinds of traffic violations. Once you reach the limit allowed per each state, your privileges can be suspended for 60 days or more. In some cases they may be revoked entirely.

Of course, this can result in huge additional fees in order to get your license back. Add to that the extra insurance premiums that you will be forced to pay every month in addition to the excessive fines for the tickets themselves, and you have a nice little chunk of change!

Traffic Ticket Hialeah

Examples of Point Values in Florida

In Florida, the magic number of point values for traffic violations is 12 points before you begin to see trouble. Florida is one of the more harsh states in the country when it comes to their point system. Speeding tickets in excess of 16 mph above the posted speed limit will get you 4 points, for example, compared to Alabama where you have up to 26 points over the speed limit for the same offense. Reckless driving and violations that cause an accident will get you another 4 points.

Examples of Suspension Lengths in Florida

Florida has different suspension criteria than other states regarding Hialeah traffic tickets. If you hit 12 points in just 12 months, it is an automatic 30 suspension. At 18 points in 18 months, you get 90 days. It escalates to the maximum of 24 points in 3 years where you will get a 365 day reprieve from legal driving privileges.

Know the Laws in your State!

By going online to your local DMV, you can easily determine the point system for traffic violations in your state. Take this seriously though. Since Florida has a great deal of transient residents, “snow birds” who only live in Florida during the winter months, many are not aware of the stricter guidelines for speeding tickets and other offenses in comparison to their home state.

You can try to fight a license suspension in court, but you’ll most likely need to pay some big bucks for a high priced lawyer on top of all the other fees and tickets costs!

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